I was a buyer looking for an inspector. Pete was thorough, answered all of our questions, and very patient while I was having technical issues with taking care of the invoice. Straight shooter about what was and wasn’t urgent during his wall through and even redid part of the very detailed inspection report so that it was specific to verbiage that my home warranty company wanted. Great service and great customer service, can’t recommend Pete enough!


Pete O’Brien and Pinnacle Home Inspection Services LLC provided outstanding service when I needed a home inspection on a house I was buying. Pete was responsive and did a great job at the inspection. He walked me through and explained everything he inspected plus provided me with a detailed report shortly after the inspection. The pricing was very reasonable and I was happy to give my business to a fellow veteran. I for sure recommend Pinnacle Home Inspection Services LLC.

Jennifer Hyman-Wood

I had the pleasure of doing business with Pete at Pinnacle Home Inspections for an inspection for my buyer. Pete was very professional, knowledgeable, thorough and answered all of our questions. In addition to his knowledge and professionalism, Pete was also very personable and patient, which is something you don’t always get from other professionals in the same business. We were very pleased with our inspection from Pinnacle Home Inspection Service LLC.

Nikki Harris Realtor

Glass House Realty

Pete is Awesome! Nothing gets by him. Money well spent. And buy a home warranty after.

Tim Allen

The attention to detail utilized by this crew can only be compared with shipshape military precision exemplified in the civilian sector.

Joe Watkins USN

Amazing work, very professional and honest!! You can diffently trust Pinnacle for the best inspections!!!

Debbie Dixon

Pete has done the majority of my personal home inspections (I’m a realtor in Centerville & surrounding areas) & he’s done many of my client’s inspections too. I like having Pete inspect my personal home purchases because he’s prompt, he’s observant, he’s competitively priced, and he’s always willing to go above & beyond. His inspection reports are easy to read with clear photos & he gets them back very quickly too.

I’ve had to wait a week for an inspection report from another inspector before and, with a 10 day inspection period, that’s not ideal & leaves almost no time to call contractors to get quotes for any necessary work. However, Pete generally has them back either that evening or within a few business days max.

Definitely call him and inquire if you’re looking for an inspector. He has yet to disappoint me or my clients who have elected to hire him.

Breanna Smith

Positive: Professionalism

A home inspection is absolutely necessary and in buying our first home, Pete was very thorough and discovered some issues that we had the seller correct before closing, which saved us money and headache. Pinnacle Home Inspection is a great value and peace of mind in making the biggest purchase of your life. Thank you Pete! I highly recommend Pinnacle for home inspections.

Scott Johnson

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

We used Pete three times for our daughter’s home inspections when she was buying her first home. I was impressed by Pete’s thoroughness and professionalism. As a homebuyer, you need a good inspector to help you make what will most likely be the biggest investment and purchase of a lifetime. We trusted Pete to help our daughter. You should trust him for your inspection needs.

Marianne Cotugno

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Pete from Pinnacle was a joy to work with during our house buying. His thorough inspection and knowledge protected is from purchasing a home that had some issues that would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars. When we did find a house, we again called Pete. He was very responsive and again, conducted a thorough inspection. His knowledge and experience created trust. He had no problem taking time to answer our questions. This time, the house passed his inspection and we felt confident moving forward. Thanks to Pete, we now are in our forever home. I recommend Pinnacle to anyone going through the home buying process.

DeAnna Kimbrell

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

During a long lengthy process of looking for a home to purchase, I contacted Pete at pinnacle regarding my home inspection, during the inspection he did an amazing job of taking his time and going through each step thoroughly, thankfully he caught a problem that could be leaking carbon monoxide into the home which obviously would have been a major problem given the fact i have 2 kids! 100% recommended Pinnacle to do your inspections!

Alfredo Jimenez

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I used Pinnacle Home Inspection 3 times while my daughter was buying a home. Each inspection was thorough and the report was done in a timely manner. It saved us from buying a home with serious structural issues that would not have come to light without this service. Pete, the inspector, is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. He went into the attic, the basement, the crawlspace, on the roof and every place he could go. He has all the equipment to do the job right. I was there for the inspections and he explained what he was doing and pointed out both the good and the bad. The guy went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations, all at a fair price. He was so good, our realtor used him when they bought a house! Would not hesitate to use them again. I’d give him 6 stars if that was an option.

Mark Hoffman

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Pete is always professional with myself, buyers and home owners. He’s very detailed and thorough with his inspections and always takes the time to answer any questions that my clients or I have.

Tanza Everding

Positive: Professionalism, Quality

Pete is extremely helpful and knowledgeable in his line of work. You have a question, he’s got the answer. Quality service these days is becoming a rarity these days. Thank you, Pete, for showing and keeping folks up to date with a better, safer home.

Chloë S.

Very professional. You will not find such a detailed home inspection with any other company.

Muhammad Usman

Positive: Professionalism

Huthayfa Usman

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